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Healthfusion Login: HealthFusion is a firm that provides physicians’ offices and other medical practices with MediTouch electronic health records and practice management software. The official website for NextGen/MediTouch Healthcare Services is accessible through the Healthfusion login page. This website, which was founded by physicians, has over 33,000 pleased customers in podiatry, pediatrics, cardiology, family medicine, neurology, obstetrics, orthopedics, sports medicine, surgical centers, urgent care, and other professions.

Benefits of Healthfusion

  • Manage and keep up with patient records effectively.
  • EHR and practice management may be used more readily thanks to an improved and interactive user interface.
  • There will be prompt delivery of all clinical solutions.
  • It assists clinical professionals in making their work more lucrative.
  • Instantaneous oversight of patient transactions at your medical facility.
  • Clients’ whole electronic fitness history may be safely handled.
  • Medical experts can obtain reviews and specialized information on various instances.
  • The performance of the center is enhanced by the Healthfusion Revenue Management Cycle, which supports all important financial decisions.
  • Client billing information is accessible.
  • Simple navigation and announcement construction.
  • Utilizes characteristics such as Scale Cycle Control (SCC), population health control, impacted person participation, etc.

How to Access Healthfusion Login

Step 1: Open the HealthFusion website

To start, open your browser and go to the HealthFusion website, or click this link:

To sign into your HealthFusion for Employee account, choose “Practice Management / EHR” from the homepage’s left-hand menu.

Instruction HealthFusion login on the website
Instruction HealthFusion login on the website

Step 2: Type your data account

When the HealthFusion sign-in box appears on the left side of the page, step 1 is finished.

Next, enter the “User Id” and “Password” for your HealthFusion data online account.

In order to access your HealthFusion online account, click the orange “Log In” button.

Instruction HealthFusion login on the website
Instruction HealthFusion login on the website

NOTE: You must have a user ID and password to access your HealthFusion online account, so be aware of this. If you need assistance recovering your online HealthFusion account because you forgot your login information, please check the procedures below.

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How to Reset your Healthfusion Login Password

Forgot Password

Forgot your HealthFusion online account password? Don’t worry, you may regain your HealthFusion password online by following the steps shown below:

Step 1: Access the HealthFusion website

To get started, launch your browser and go to the HealthFusion website.

Click the blue “Forgot your Password?” link to request a new password for your HealthFusion online account.

Retrieve a HealthFusion Password Account
Retrieve a HealthFusion Password Account

Step 2: Submit your data

The HealthFusion password recovery page will show up when you complete step 1.

Next, enter your “User Id” and “Email,” which you used to register for a HealthFusion online account.

Lastly, you click the orange “Submit” button.

Retrieve a HealthFusion Password Account
Retrieve a HealthFusion Password Account

Step 3: Adhere to the guidelines

After then, you must adhere to their additional steps in order to reset your HealthFusion Password Account.

Forgot UserID

Step 1: Go to the HealthFusion website

Open your browser and navigate to the HealthFusion website to get started.

To reset your HealthFusion online account user ID, click the blue “Forgot your User Id?” link.

Retrieve a HealthFusion User ID Account
Retrieve a HealthFusion User ID Account

Step 2: Provide your email

After you finish step 1, the HealthFusion User Id recovery page will appear.

The next step is to input the email address you used to create your HealthFusion online account.

Finally, you press the orange “Submit” button.

Retrieve a HealthFusion User ID Account
Retrieve a HealthFusion User ID Account

Step 3: Comply with the guidelines

You must verify your email address after completing step 2 to restore access to your HealthFusion online account.

Mobile Banking

REI cardholders who are enrolled in online banking can make a payment 24/7 from their smartphone. To get started, simply register with the U.S. Bank Online Banking and set up any external accounts you wish to use to pay your monthly billing

No setup is required if you are enrolled and want to use an existing US bank account to pay for your REI Co-op World Elite Mastercard. Download the app and get started!

Customer Service

Call the HealthFusion Customer Service Team at 877-523-2120 and select option 6 if your situation is urgent.

Have a question about the Success Community or require access? For additional information, go to

Additionally, Healthfusion may be reached at the address:

NextGen Healthcare, 

4075 Sorrento Valley Boulevard, 

San Diego, California, 82121.


1. Where is HealthFusion situated?

HealthFusion is a privately held company with headquarters in San Diego, California, that creates web-based cloud computing software for medical professionals, hospitals, and billing services.

2. NextGen and HealthFusion: what are they?

NextGen Office makes use of HealthFusion as a clearinghouse. In 1998, the firm began as a clearinghouse and subsequently created the practice management and EHR system on top of that basis.

3. What exactly is HealthFusion Meditouch?

In addition to providing clinical solutions for medical and dental clinics, HealthFusion Meditouch also offers population health, financial management, and management services. The services of HealthFusion Meditouch, including all necessary tools, management techniques, and solutions, are made available to users of Healthfusion who are either medical professionals or, more generally, its users.

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