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Hallcon Driver Portal Login: Hallcon is the largest transportation service provider and also one of the largest divisions in the United States of America. This transportation giant has many other small transportation institutes under its wings such as TCS, Renzenberger, and Loop Transportation. The institution was founded in 1946 and has taken over many transportation institutions over the years. It started out with just two vans and the aim was to provide adequate performance and services.

Hallcon Corporation offers two types of public and private transportation and offers long road trips at reasonable prices: Airline Services, Commuter Services, Specialty Cleaning, Oil & Gas Transportation, Rail Transportation, Station Attendance, Shuttle Services, Shipping, Network Services, Operations Services, Maintenance Services and many more.

After merging with Renzenberger, Hallcon has become one of the largest companies providing transportation services in America.

How to Access Hallcon Driver Portal Login

Hallcon Login Requirements

It is important to know what things are required when creating an account or going to the Hallcon employee login portal. Here is a brief description of what is required for the Hallcon login process:

  • You must be an employee of Hallcon or its subsidiaries such as Renzenberger.
  • You will need a valid Hallcon employee ID card
  • Hallcon username and password for login
  • A reliable internet connection and a smart device to open the Hallcon login portal.

The Hallcon Driver Portal login online

To get to the Hallcon Login official web portal, please follow the steps below in the correct order.

Step 1: Access the official Hallcon online login portal

the official Hallcon online login portal

Click on the link given below to open Hallcon’s official login page.


Step 2: Enter your account information

A new login page with username and password sections will be restored. Enter the username and password in the sections. 

Enter your account information

Step 3: Complete the login process

Make sure all the credentials you provide during the sign-up process are correct and match those used during registration, otherwise you will keep getting the error message. After that, click the Sign Into Account button.

click the Sign Into Account button.

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How to Reset your Hallcon Driver Portal Login Password

Step 1: Visit the Hallcon login portal

Click on the link below to visit Hallcon’s login portal.


Step 2: Open the Recover password page

On the same page, below the password field, you will see a link called Recover Password. Click on the link.

Open the Recover password page

Step 3: Enter your username

Enter the username provided by the company and then click the “Recover Password” button.

Enter your username

Step 4: Following the next instruction

Your password will be restored by following the instructions on the screen requested by the site.

Mobile Banking

REI cardholders who are enrolled in online banking can make a payment 24/7 from their smartphone. To get started, simply register with the U.S. Bank Online Banking and set up any external accounts you wish to use to pay your monthly billing

No setup is required if you are enrolled and want to use an existing US bank account to pay for your REI Co-op World Elite Mastercard. Download the app and get started!

Customer Service

The procedure to follow if you need assistance with your account is listed below:

  • Call 800-878-0450 to reach Hallcon customer service or email HRSupport@Hallcon.com.
  • If you’re interested in working for Hallcon, think about sending an email to recruiting@hallcon.com or calling 800-878-0450.

Social flatform

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HallconCorporation

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hallcon_Corp

LinkdIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hallcon-transportation/


How much does Hallcon pay?

The average hourly wage for Hallcon van drivers in the United States is approximately $12.26, which is 17% below the national average. Salary information is derived from 104 data points collected directly from employees, users, and previous and current job listings on Indeed over the last 36 months.

Hallcon Corporation is a good company to work for.

Hallcon Corporation has an overall rating of 2.7 out of 5, based on over 109 reviews left anonymously by employees. 20% of employees would recommend a friend to work at Hallcon|Hallcon Corporation and 25% have a positive attitude towards the company. This rating is down -15% over the last 12 months.

What do Hallcon drivers do?

We transport the staff who keep our trains running on time. The engineers who drive innovation in our technology industries. The ruffians, riggers, and henchmen keep oil and gas flowing from remote places.

How are Hallcon Corporation Reviews by Employees?

Most of the people who work for the company are drivers, but some have other jobs. As we read the many reviews on many websites, we found that most of the reviews were optimistic about the company’s management, driving conditions, vehicles, busy working hours, flexible hours, free time, friendly co-workers and bosses, and good work-life balance, good work culture, health insurance, economic benefits, paid vacation, etc.

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