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MyCCAC Login: The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) provides a range of tools and services to its students.

CCAC-South Campus and CCAC-North Campus were founded in 1967 and 1972, respectively. There are four neighbourhood centres in Oakdale: West Hills Center, Homewood-Brushton, and Braddock Hills. The college also keeps up a strong presence in online education.

CCAC now provides approximately 150 education options across six distinct job pathways. Students have been able to transfer credits from more than 500 different colleges and institutions thanks to CCAC’s top-notch programmes.

How to Access MyCCAC Login

  •  Open Myccac login URL into a web browser.
  • Enter Name, and “Email” And Student & Employee Id  to the provided fired.
  • Click the “Sign In” button.

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How to Reset your MyCCAC Login Password

Forgot Password

  • Click the Forget Password link on the official website after opening it.
  • Please enter your Username in this form and press the Go button.
  • You’ll get an email with information on how to create a new password. Generally, instructions include a link that allows you to change your password.

Forgot Username

  1. Click the Forgot Usernamelink.
  2. Please enter your email addresses into this form, then click the Submit button.
  3. You will get an email with information on how to create a new Username.

How to Activate/Register on MyCCAC

  • Go to
  • You must establish or claim your account if you are a new student or employee. The Create Your NetID Account button should be clicked.
    1. you’ll be sent to the Account Claim Scenarios page.
    2. click the drop-down arrow.
    3. Choose the scenario that fits you.
    4. Click Next
    5. and follow the next steps from the instructions.

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