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Surge Card Login: The Surge credit card reports to all three major credit bureaus every month so that customers can start repairing their credit history right away. People who haven’t had a credit card before can also start building credit with the Surge credit card. Customers can view their credit scores monthly on their electronic statements via their online account for their Surge credit card.

According to the credit card issuer’s website the initial credit limit ranges from $300 to $1,000, and customers may be eligible for a credit limit increase after only six months. You can apply for the Surge Mastercard online, whether or not you have received an offer via the mail.

The application process is fast and easy, and the approval or decline is usually provided online instantly. However, sometimes Continental Finance will spend more time reviewing an applicant’s credit history before they will be approved. To make payments, you will need the correct website for the Surge credit card login. Customers can make a payment online via the Continental Finance website

Key Features

  • Customers having a low credit score can apply for this card.
  • Enjoy an initial credit limit of $300 to $1000 and start building your credit score.
  • Enjoy the zero fraud liability service that comes with this credit card.
  • Your credit profile will be reported to all credit bureaus in the United States every month.
  • You will get a free monthly credit score along with a statement
  • Double your credit limit by just paying at least a minimum monthly payment for your first six-month card bill.

Login prerequisites/requirements:

Please keep in mind the below-mentioned information while logging in to your Surge card account.

  • You must be a registered member on the credit card website.
  • You must have your username and password which will be used to log in and access your card account.
  • You are using a secure and trusted device or any personal device to avoid data security issues.
  • You must use the latest and updated web browser if accessing the account from the website or use the latest version of the mobile app.
  • There must be a good and reliable internet connection that offers continuous supply without any interruption.

How to Access Surge Card Login Portal

  • Open the official website
  • On the homepage click the Login link. A login page will appear on the screen
  • In this login form you will have to enter your Username and Password. After that click the Login to my account link.

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Have You Forgotten Your Surge Card Login Username & Password?

Forgot Password

  • Open the official website and click the login link to open the login page.
  • On the login form click Forgot Username or Password? link located there. You will see the Username and Password recovery options on the next page
  • Click this option to reset your password. You will see an online form on the next screen.
  • Enter your username and click the Submit button. You will receive an email including the instructions and a link to reset your old password and make a new one.

Forgot Username

  • Click this option to recover your lost username. You will see a username recovery form on the next screen.
  • Enter the below-mentioned details in this form.
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Last four digits of the credit card number
  • ZIP code
  • After that, click the Lookup Account link System will search for your account information. After that, you can easily recover our username with the help of further instructions.

How to Register a Surge Card Login Account

  • You can manage your credit card through the online surge account
  • You can pay your credit card bill online after login into your account.
  • Check available credit balance, past statements, and transaction information, etc
  • Enroll yourself in the automatic payment facility and forget about remembering the due date every month.
  • Manage important credit card-related alerts through your account.

Registration process:

The registration process is given below. Please have a look.

1-Open the official Surge card website and open the login page.

2-Click the Register link located on the login form.

3-On the next screen, you will see a registration form.

Enter the last four digits of your SSN and credit card and enter your ZIP code. After that click the Lookup button.

5-Once the system identifies your credit card information you will have to make an online account on the next page.

Create a new username and password for your account and you are all set to use your new account.

How to Pay Your Surge Card Login Bill

i-Payment through Mail:

Customers can mail a check or money order to the below-mentioned address. You need a return envelope and remittance slip that comes with your paper statement. Remove the remittance slip from the statement and fill out the required information. Put your check or money order and this remittance slip in the envelope and send a Mail. The envelope must come with a payment address printed on that. If there is no address then you can Mail your envelope to the below-mentioned address.

Surge Card
P.O. Box 6812
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812

ii-Phone payment:

Customers can call the customer service number 1-800-518-6142 to pay by Phone. Customers will be transferred to a virtual assistant where they will have to complete a one-time registration of the payment account by entering the routing number/account number or debit card number. You can register your bank account according to the instructions provided during the call.

Once you set up your payment account, every time you call, you can pay your bill through the virtual assistant guide. You can also speed up this process If you want to speed up the phone payment process then you will have to pay a $10.95 fee for every expedited payment and your payment will post on the same day. A $10.95 expedited payment fee will be waived for senior citizens.

iii-Online payment:

Cardholders can also use the online facility to pay their Surge card bills. You can pay your Surge card bill through a debit card or online banking service.

  • Just login into your account and visit the Payment section.
  • There you will have to provide some payment-related information such as
    a. Payment amount
    b. Payment date
  • Select the bank account for the payment or add a new bank account.
  • Review all information and click the Confirm button to pay your credit card bill.

Mobile Banking

Surge Card Customer Service


Phone: 844-487-8478

Social Links


How Do I Cancel My Surge Card?

You can cancel your Surge credit card by calling this phone number: 1-866-449-4514 or by sending written correspondence to the address on your monthly statement.

Does the Surge Credit Card Give Credit Increases?

Like most credit cards, the Surge Mastercard does give credit increases to eligible consumers. Customers start with a credit line of between $300 and $1,000 and are eligible for a credit increase after just six months.

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